Voices in the Sky

Voices in the Sky
Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Graeme Edge
The Magnificent Moodies
Days of Future Passed
In Search Of The Lost Chord
On The Threshold of a Dream
To Our Children's Children's Children
A Question Of Balance
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Seventh Sojourn
Long Distance Voyager
The Present
The Other Side Of Life
Sur la Mer
Keys of the Kingdom
A Night at Red Rocks
Caught Live Plus Five
Time Traveller:
Strange Times
Hall Of Fame
Amazing Caves
Say It With Love
Blue Jays
The War Of The Worlds
From The New World
Mellotronics and other Eight Second Sounds
Mike Pinder
Denny Laine
Clint Warwick
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The Moody Blues Official Website

What News Would You Bring.......

Graeme Edge, John Lodge, Justin Hayward

Welcome to what is, to all intents and purposes, a small thank you note to The Moody Blues, for so many years of wonderful listening pleasure. We've travelled with you on so many voyages, through so many landscapes, and always, we wait for the next journey to begin. The beginnings for The Moodies, and for Sam had the same starting point, the same city in central England, so it seemed fitting, on that level, as well, that this site come to fruition. Let's begin this small journey with a brief biographical over-view, and go from there. Lovely to see you again.
In Birmingham, England in May 1964,  Ray Thomas (vocals),
Mike Pinder (keyboards/vocals), Denny Laine (guitar/vocals),
Clint Warwick (bass/vocals) and Graeme Edge (drums) came together as the R & B Preachers, which in turn became the first incarnation of The Moody Blues, They were all accomplished musicians with much  experience in local bands. The group gained a national reputation as a tight rock/R&B group, signed to Decca Records and released their debut single, "Lose Your Money," all within six months of forming. By early 1965 their second single, "Go Now," was at No. 1 in the U.K. and No. 10 in the U.S. After touring Britain with Chuck Berry, the Moody Blues traveled to the United States supporting The Kinks. Unfortunately their 1965 full-length debut, The Magnificent Moodies failed to chart, despite the promising success of their early singles, leaving the group dejected. Months later Clint Warwick retired from music, and by October 1966 the band broke up, exhausted from touring. Laine went on to a solo career, later working with Paul McCartney; the rest of the band regrouped a month later with guitarist Justin Hayward and bassist John Lodge filling in for Laine and Warwick.

In 1967 the new Moody Blues scored a big hit with Days of Future Passed, a concept album which combined classical orchestration with rock music, an innovative move which won the band instant praise. Thanks to the singles "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon" the record went gold, reaching No. 3 in the charts. Their 1968 follow-up, In Search of the Lost Chord was equally successful, pioneering the use of the mellontron in pop music, a synth-like instrument which became a key part of their sound. On the Threshold of a Dream and To Our Children's Children's Children, both released in 1969, continued their string of gold records with overdubbed, psychedelic rock soundscapes. With 1970's A Question of Balance the group elected to use fewer studio effects so as to enable the band to perform their songs live without special arrangement. The new, more stripped-down sound was even more popular with fans, and the album went to No. 1 in Britain and No. 3 in America. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, a 1972 album named after a music theory mnemonic, and 1973's Seventh Sojourn were even more popular, reaching No. 1 in the U.S. and U.K.

After an epic nine-month world tour in 1974, the exhausted Moody Blues announced they were going on hiatus for an unspecified period. All five members released solo albums, and in 1978 the group decided to resume working together, releasing Octave, their first platinum record. Pinder was replaced with Patrick Moraz, and the band embarked on another world tour. The group continued releasing albums throughout the '80s, becoming a popular oldies band. In 1992 Moody Blues performed at a landmark concert at Red Rocks accompanied by a live symphony orchestra; an album and video for A Night at Red Rocks was released the following year. An improved, remastered "greatest hits" compilation, The Best of the Moody Blues, was released in 1997.

It is the hopes of this website that we can go into detail of how all the members came together, from what Birmingham bands they came, for, with the exception of Justin Hayward, The Moodies are most definitely a Birmingham band, but Justin is an honorary Brummie anyway....

We've installed four videos on the site, they are Go Now, on The Magnificent Moodies, Nights In White Satin on Days Of Future Passed, Your Wildest Dreams on The Other Side Of Life and I KNow You're Out There Somewhere from Sur La Mer. Enjoy......

The Moody Blues original lineup

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Voices In The Sky
(Justin Hayward)

Bluebird flying high,
Tell me what you sing.
If you could talk to me,
What news would you bring
Of voices in the sky?

Nightingale hovering high,
Harmonize the wind.
Darkness your symphony,
I can hear you sing
Of voices in the sky.

Just what is happening to me?
I lie awake with the sound of the sea
Calling to me.

Old man passing by,
Tell me what you sing.
Though your voice be faint,
I am listening.
Voices in the sky.

Children with a skipping rope,
Tell me what you sing.
Play time is nearly gone,
The bell's about to ring.
Voices in the sky.

Just what is happening to me?
I lie awake with the sound of the sea
Calling to me.

Bluebird flying high,
Tell me what you sing.
If you could talk to me
What news would you bring
Of voices in the sky?
Voices in the sky.

Voices in the sky.
Voices in the sky.

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