The Magnificent Moodies

Voices in the Sky
Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Graeme Edge
The Magnificent Moodies
Days of Future Passed
In Search Of The Lost Chord
On The Threshold of a Dream
To Our Children's Children's Children
A Question Of Balance
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Seventh Sojourn
Long Distance Voyager
The Present
The Other Side Of Life
Sur la Mer
Keys of the Kingdom
A Night at Red Rocks
Caught Live Plus Five
Time Traveller:
Strange Times
Hall Of Fame
Amazing Caves
Say It With Love
Blue Jays
The War Of The Worlds
From The New World
Mellotronics and other Eight Second Sounds
Mike Pinder
Denny Laine
Clint Warwick
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In The Beginning

The Moody Blues. The Original Members

This where it began, for The Moody Blues, but for the individual members, it had all begun as members of other Birmingham and Birmingham area groups.The 'Brum Beat' scene was  vibrant, and alive with possibilities, mates would get together and a group would be born, it was a long hard slog, and for many the road was to rocky, and they fell by the wayside, but for others, they stuck it out and prospered on one level or another. So it was with five musicians, four of whom the world would come to know well, the fifth has recently re-emerged into the world of music. Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Denny Laine, Clint Warwick & Graeme Edge, had been gigging aroud the Birmingham area, in, as we have noted, other groups. We'll take a look at these groups in order to put the past into context with what was to come, in such a powerful way.
This recording truly was the beginning for The Moodies, and though they stumbled, not long afterwards, they never fell, and continued to walk in the direction of......well.... we'll get there too, everything in its time and place
The Voyage begins........

Go Now. November 1964
Decca Records F 12202 1964

The Magnificent Moodies 1965  - front cover
Decca LK 4711 mono

The Magnificant Moodies  1965 - back cover
Decca LK 4711 mono

The Moody Blues EP 1965
Decca DFE 8622 mono

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The Moody Blues Album 
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