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Peace On Earth

To All, A Joyous Season


It is with joy and many bright blessings that we welcome you to this, avery special page on our Moody Blues website. The season of Christmas is upon us once more, and in the hustle and bustle of preparation for the arrival of families to be together, let us stop and remember what Christmas is really all about.The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in that humble stable in Bethlehem, and those who were guided to His presence, by that bright star that hung in the sky as a beacon of light and of hope, for the world. This page, about The Moodies Christmas album, December, will act as the introductory page for the season. Not only is the album here, but we'll also provide some appropriate links to other websites that related to the season.
Please have a Blessed and Safe Christmas
Love and Mercy

On Friday 22nd August 2003, Justin Hayward finally delivered the Moody Blues new album, the masters and the artwork, to Universal records in London. It's called "December" and as you might already know, it's a Christmas album. An even mix of original new songs and traditional melodies, some you will know, others may not be so familiar. J.H spent the couple of weeks before delivering 'December' mixing and sometimes re-mixing, and then mastering the record. He is of course pleased with the way it turned out, and like all albums it has become very dear to him, and to know that it is finally finished and now out of his hands as it were, is happy and sad at the same time. The front cover artwork is very reminiscent of early Moodies sleeves, and Justin is sure many will recognise the influence.
Justin has this to say about the forthcoming album. " Why a Christmas album? When it was first suggested to me, not by anyone in the group I might add, my reaction was to say 'Oh no, not that old scenario", but as I thought more on it ,I knew that there were within me emotions and experiences that resonate at that time of year, as well as being a celebration that is dear to me. Also, it gives us an angle within an industry that really is saying to most artists like us at this moment "another new album, so what?" And, I like the theme idea that I was so comfortable with when writing for our early records. I hope it gives us an opportunity to come back next year, maybe with a Christmas tour and promote the album again. Maybe it can come round every year as many records do in the Christmas season. That is my hope anyway."
The album was released on 28 October 2003


Well...I'm here too, with the hat!

December 2003

 Don't Need A Reindeer
December Snow
In The Quiet of Christmas Morning
(Bach 147)
On This Christmas Day
The Spirit of Christmas
Yes, I Believe

Backgrounds by Marie

In The Stable. by Pinturicchio c. 1492/1494

The Gospel Of Luke
Chapter 2

Manger Scene

 Jesus Through the Centuries

the PBS Frontline series
on the rise of Christianity

possibly the most comprehensive
webite on the New Testament
on the web

Other Links

orders of Christmas services
from the United Church of Canada

an absolutely delightful website from
Woodlands Junior School
in Tonbridge, Kent, England,
on this page they show us what
Christmas means to the folk
in England, as they see it
Wonderful Stuff!

United Online
A Grass Roots Network For Canada's United and Uniting Church

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