On The Threshold of a Dream

Voices in the Sky
Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Graeme Edge
The Magnificent Moodies
Days of Future Passed
In Search Of The Lost Chord
On The Threshold of a Dream
To Our Children's Children's Children
A Question Of Balance
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
Seventh Sojourn
Long Distance Voyager
The Present
The Other Side Of Life
Sur la Mer
Keys of the Kingdom
A Night at Red Rocks
Caught Live Plus Five
Time Traveller:
Strange Times
Hall Of Fame
Amazing Caves
Say It With Love
Blue Jays
The War Of The Worlds
From The New World
Mellotronics and other Eight Second Sounds
Mike Pinder
Denny Laine
Clint Warwick
Long Distance Voyages: Links

On The Threshold Of A Dream1969 [click for larger]
Deram DES-18025 1969

- Justin Hayward / guitars, vocals
- John Lodge / bass guitar, vocals
- Michael Pinder / keyboards, vocals
- Ray Thomas / harmonica, flute, vocals
- Graeme Edge / drums, percussion



1. In the beginning (2:07)
2. Lovely to see you (2:34)
3. Dear diary (3:56)
4. Send me no wine (2:21)
5. To share our love (2:53)
6. So deep within you (3:07)
7. Never comes the day (4:43)
8. Lazy day (2:43)
9. Are you sitting comfortably? (3:30)
10. The dream (0:57)
11. Have you heard? pt. 1 (1:28)
12. The voyage (4:10)
13. Have you heard? pt. 2 (2:26)

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